We always strive to make the process of accounting and bookkeeping as simple as possible for all our users, and in providing you with free support and training, we would like to think we have gone some way in achieving that.

We make a conscious effort to make sure your needs are met and that any issues you might be having, are resolved in the best possible way. However,  as Liquid is packed with some extraordinary functionality, there could be occasions where you feel slightly overwhelmed or confused by it all, especially if you are not an advanced user or have limited experience of the web               .

So, what we’ve done is created a list of Top 10 handy tips, which will allow you to get the most out of Liquid and answer any queries you might’ve had:


1. Browser tips

There may be times when your browser appears to be taking a long time in responding and you are met with the dreaded hourglass icon on Windows or the beach-ball icon on a Mac. We would recommend refreshing your screen if any of these occurrences were to happen. All entries will remain intact so you don’t need to worry about re-entering the data again.

On a side note, depending on what browser you use, make sure the popup option is set as enabled. This will allow any pop-ups that prop up your screen.


2. Export to Excel

You may find an ‘Export’ button at the top of most pages in Liquid, which enables you to export any data to Excel or in a CSV file. But what if there isn’t an Export button?

Well, just copy and paste it instead!

Highlight the page you are on, press CTRL+C to copy (cmd+c on Mac) on your keyboard, open an Excel Workbook and press CTRL+V to paste. Done. This will work on every screen of Liquid!


3. Late Entries

Posting late entries can often be a hassle; especially if have started working from a new year-end. If you’re in that situation where you need to post an entry in a previous year end, make sure you don’t forget to re-run the previous Year End to close your books.


4. Client Manager

There are some users who are a bit confused about what the Client Manager does. It’s a free package that acts as a database or an umbrella account, if you will, that keeps a list of all your clients that use Liquid. It is not a user account; therefore you don’t use it to post entries. You need to select which client you want to work on, from the Client List and then you can start using it.


5. Invoice Template

We recently revamped the layout of our Invoice Design feature, which now has more customisation and sports a simple ‘drag-and-drop’ function to insert images. It also contains HTML and CSS for more advanced users. What we are also doing, is providing you with a free template structure that you can use when designing your invoice template. The structure makes it very easy to implement your design and you can find it below. Copy the code and paste it in the HTML section, under the ‘Show Header’ tab.

Liquid Invoice HTML Structure


6. Invoice Numbering

Prior to using Liquid, if you had or have previous invoices that start with a specific number and you want to continue in that same chronological order, you can change in the last invoice number in Company Details and amend to whatever your last invoice number was. It is located at the bottom of the Company Details page, on the first column.


7. Latest Updates 

When using Liquid, you will notice a ‘Latest Updates’ box in the left side bar. Do pay attention to this as we are constantly updating this with information regarding new features, issues, bug fixes and company info.


8. Help Centre

Unlike our competitors, we offer free telephone support, as well as email and social media support to all our customers. However, there may be times where you are unable to get through due to high call volumes. We always recommend using the Help Centre on the app, as your first point of call. These contain instructions for every module here at Liquid and it allows you to download documents and watch videos with step-by-step instructions.


9. Bank Set-up

When setting up your bank account in Liquid, ensure that the bank codes selected are the same as the nominal codes. This prevents any issues relating to your Trial Balance and Balance Sheet reporting


10. PDF

There are many things you can do when you create an invoice or statement as a PDF. Hover on the bottom right hand corner and you will see a few icons which will allow you to print and save. Most browsers now offer free widgets and add-ons for third-party apps, which you can install and you are also able to use these add-ons with Liquid. So if you want to save your PDF to Dropbox, Evernote, Clipboard or Google Drive – you can.


If you need further information about any of the above tips, email me at asam.shah@liquidaccounts.net or tweet me at @asamshah


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