The bank reconciliation program (that’s Check My Statements, to you and I!) has now been substantially amended to improve user experience, correct some minor faults on the calculator and correct problems experienced by larger users that were causing items to remain un-reconciled if ticking a large number of items at a time.

The main features are:
1. Transactions now load on one complete page, keeping each transaction to one line
2. Totals now show statement balances
3. Calculator totals are locked to the top left-hand corner, even when scrolling down the page, so you can see projected statement balances at all times.
3. Improvements made to the calculator, making it more efficient and accurate
4.  Introducing a new concept of ‘Pending’ reconciliation. Users have the ability to tick and only commit when happy – the pending transactions alter the statement as if reconciled but can be cancelled to roll back – or committed to reconciliation.
5. Pending transactions are memorised, so you can leave the program and return to same point.
6. Total data is refreshed when any data is changed.
The new layout will make the process of Bank Reconciliation a lot smoother and less time consuming.
However, the old style reconciliation is still available if you prefer using that. Just click on ‘Use Old Reconciliation.’

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