Accounting software isn’t solely for the business owner’s benefit. Sure, it aligns your tax affairs, but it also allows you time to improve other areas of your organisation. Your customer is unlikely to care either way what software you choose to handle your accounts. However, if it means they get an improved level of service they’ll be certain to notice.

All businesses should be looking for a means to add client value, especially if it’s an investment that benefits you as well. To illustrate how bookkeeping software can deliver that value, check out the below guide on surpassing customer expectations.

Focus on other areas of the business

With the financial aspect of your day taken care of, you’re able to devote time to develop your service or diversify your product range. See, with accounting software often comes automation, meaning various laborious processes and procedures are now entirely out of your hands.

With bank mapping software, manual entry becomes a thing of the past. This is especially true if the solution you choose can integrate with e-commerce sites. You’ll be able to focus on the front-end of your organisation, devoting time to what customers actually see, increasing the likelihood of retention.

Data will become more relevant

If you’re yet to adopt accounting software, you’ll be all too familiar with the dangers of outdated information. If customers are receiving emails from you with the wrong name, or are no longer a client but still receiving invoices, your brand will become tarnished very quickly.

Using small business accounting software means you have a safety net. Any archaic data or opportunities for incorrect manual entry will be eliminated. In addition, you’ll be able to view your balance sheet in real-time. No more guesswork – you’ll see future snapshots of your finances with complete clarity.

Work from anywhere

Logging in from anywhere with an internet connection means you can organise accounts when it suits you. Specifically, your business accounts software enables you to update tax affairs on the way to meetings, at exhibitions or even while serving. Not only are you less bound to manual processes, but you’ll appear more versatile to clients.

This is especially beneficial for those who work for themselves. When every hour is used to maximise profits, the freedom to check finances as you operate increases your capacity for earning. Customers will deem this talent for managing time so effectively as a reason to use your services again.

Sound like an ideal solution? That’s because it is. Rarely are you able to improve your organisation in a way that adds genuine value to both you and your customers. At Liquid, our accounting solution promises just that. Your days will be freed up for bettering your business in a way that clients will recognise and engage with.

In addition to this, a well-maintained bookkeeping system will also add value if you decide to sell your business as it clearly shows the potential buyer that the business is as you’re describing it – from a turnover and profit point of view.

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