Cloud computing has emerged as developments in broadband, hardware, and web technologies have come into alignment, creating huge potential which has in turn fired the imaginations of developers and programmers alike. Put simply — widespread high speed internet access and cheap powerful processing power is now quite common and, when combined with new web-based programming tools and platforms, the internet is not capable of much more than just browsing and shopping.

This is why we’ve seen an explosion in social media, iphone apps and all those annoying farms and games on Facebook as techies and geeks around the world explore and play with all this potential and new ways of doing things, just because they can! The ultimate example of this is probably Twitter which was created without any clear purpose or even any way of making money, but in spite of that it has caught on virally and become a tool used by millions of people every day.

The upside of all this experimentation is that cloud has arrived fully-formed and in a much more advanced state than new technological developments usually do, which is great news for business users as it’s less of a risk and there aren’t going to be years of beta testing, tweaks and refinements to get it right.

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