Did you hear? Liquid bespoke software just got bigger and better.

We’re encouraging users to upgrade to Liquid Enterprise, which promises a whole suite of features to benefit your business. It’s time to leave your old software behind and embrace an industry-leading solution instead.

In our latest blog, we put the magnifying glass on Liquid Enterprise features to show you what makes it distinct:

Segmented Nominal Structure Module

As your business grows, you’ll need improved reporting capabilities for accurate income statements and balance sheets.

The Segmented Nominal Structure Module is built exactly for this purpose – offering your business an optimised chart of accounts. A breakdown of codes as parent and sub-accounts is available up to five levels, with default categories provided.

Advanced Stock Module

Stock duties and obligations become more complex as you expand your business, especially when after spreading your manufacturing/production/storage across more than one site.

This is where the Advanced Stock Module can prove so valuable. With this add-on, you can create your very own Bill of Materials and take advantage of Multi-warehousing features.

Advanced reporting is also available as part of this module, letting you produce accurate results for your shareholders.

Liquid Time Software

Liquid Time offers businesses a way to accurately record, organise, manage shifts across multiple sites. Suited to all types of SMEs, managers and employees can use Liquid Time to track, record, request and change shifts.

The built-in GPS location functionality means Liquid Time works for both remote and on-site staff, accessible from absolutely any smart device with internet connectivity (employees can even clock-in on their phones!).

Bespoke Development Service

With our bespoke development service, you can enjoy access to your very own module workshop. Working alongside our experts, you can create an add-on entirely from scratch – adding fresh functionality to your system.

We also have a plethora of ready-made plugins available for use in conjunction with Liquid Enterprise. These include, but are not limited to:

• CIS self billing
• Web sales import and order processing
• Dispatch export function
• Debit Notes
• Contra
• ZIG Zag CRM integration
• Capsule CRM integration

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