Many small companies do manual bookkeeping, or use something like excel to keep track of accounts. But when do you know when its time to move to an on-line accounting package?

Clearly when you can’t manage the day to day running of your business and spend long evenings entering figures into a spreadsheet is a good time! But it may be appropriate to move before you get to this point.  After all if you have never used on-line accounting software how do you know what you are missing out on?

What will on-line accounting software do for you? Here are just a few ideas.

You will probably be able to save on accountancy fees. By using an on-line accounting package your accountant will be able to see the state of your accounts online, saving him /her time on month end or year ends.

You will have instant access to reports that will help your business cash flow. For examples money to pay, money owed and money in the bank is visible at the touch of a button.

It will save you loads of time. With straight forward invoice processes for both sales and purchases, using an on-line accounting package will give you more time to spend on working on your business, and not in your business!

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