Bookkeeping software is designed to get your business finance processes running flawlessly. With a number of services offering the same solution, if your business has niche needs, knowing which accounting software to choose can be tricky.

That’s why Liquid have three packages to cover all business types.

In this guide, we explore our small business accounting software packages to help you choose the perfect business solution.

Get started with Liquid Express

If you want to focus solely on business development, Liquid Express allows organisations and accounting experts to streamline their processes and concentrate on growth. With no limits on invoices and complete bank mapping, Express gives small to medium businesses the ability to handle finances in one place.

It’s easy for businesses to get caught up with laborious tasks but with Liquid Express embedded into your business, time-wasting activities can be kept to a minimum.

Plus, with multi-currency features, you won’t need to worry about international clients. Express handles it all. Similarly, with VAT filing for MTD, you won’t need to worry about breaching the digital age.

Liquid Express is aimed at small organisations where a single user handles the finances of one company. So, if you’re in early stages of expansion and need a solution that is reliable with easy reconciliations, Express is ideal.

Become bespoke with Liquid Enterprise

Liquid Enterprise caters to the more complex business model and is designed to scale as you do. Maybe you’ve found that you need multiple users or perhaps you’re an accountancy firm with users in various businesses.

Our Enterprise package offers everything to form an infrastructure for your organisation including an Advanced Nominal Structure. This is a suite designed to enhance your operation with income statements, balance sheet reports and profit and loss statements.

Tools such as this allow for rapid growth, plus with complete e-commerce integration you won’t need to juggle multiple platforms. Businesses looking to accelerate their operation into a real market contender should consider Enterprise, a system that tailors itself to your aims and objectives.

Scale with Liquid Payroll

As with both of the above products, Liquid Payroll is designed to help accountants and bookkeepers save money through automating processes. It minimises your payroll responsibility by working out your payroll payments, posting them directly into your accounts.

With just one-click you can email all payslips to your employees and if you make a mistake, simply re-run the payroll – unlike other standard alternatives. This is where Liquid Payroll stands out for the growing enterprise business.

Liquid Payroll will fit most business types, from single person, owner-operated consultancies, through to large manufacturing companies with hundreds of staff and complicated shift patterns.

Try Liquid Accounts

While Express is ideal for smaller organisations and Enterprise caters to the multifaceted businesses, Payroll supports any organisation in need of a bespoke solution.

Our clients choose Liquid for our agility. As an online accounting service, we identify your needs and map them to our cloud-based solution. We don’t attempt to sell organisations packages which aren’t relevant. Our team recommend and supply add-ons, features and support that actually meet your needs.

If you’re unsure what your exact requirements are, speak to a member of the Liquid team today! Don’t let complicated processes hold your business back any longer.

Sign up for a free trial today and see how our cloud accounting software can benefit your business.

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