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The rise of cloud solutions and the economic growth is very good news for accountancy firms who are opening their doors to new recruits.

Research has shown a quarter of the top 100 accountancy firms in the UK have upped the ante by taking on more graduates.

One in ten firms is doing so well they have doubled their intake!

The growth of cloud software solutions is enabling accountants to concentrate their efforts on providing more training.

Accountants are now increasingly looking to operate cloud solutions, such as those offered by Liquid Accounts, thanks to their efficiency and ease of use.

The research also found that 41% of accountancy firms had saved enough costs during the last year that they are currently not looking to invest next year.

Confidence on the up for all

It’s not only consumers who are expressing raised confidence in the economy, as accountants are also jumping on the feel-good bandwagon.

Both accountants and their clients are optimistic about the recent growth which has encouraged recruitment and training in the sector.

The pick-up in business is leading experts to believe that the momentum will continue in accountancy as demand for their services increases.

It’s a very positive move following a difficult economic period and the move to expand services and staff levels is a sign of this positivity.

Simply put, if the accountants didn’t have the time and money they would not be looking to increase their intake.

As workloads are steadily increasing – and are expected to further increase next year -accountants need people who are trained and ready.

Liquid Accounts solutions can help with this process and help propel firms towards their targets for the coming year.

As well as recruiting new people, firms will be looking to retrain their existing workforce to be better prepared for the future workloads and the changing environment.

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