Liquid’s monthly subscription service, starting at £20 a month is a no-hassle solution to your accounting needs, but there are some of you who might prefer to pay annually instead of monthly. We have always made a consious effort to please our customers, therefore users now have the option to pay annually for their Liquid subscription – should they wish to do so. 

Check out some of the benefits of paying annually and how it might work out better for you in the long run…

One Invoice instead of Twelve

Having less paperwork and documents is definitely the way to go! By paying annually, you only receive one invoice from us, which means – less filing and less clutter!

Get One month Extra for free 

Annual subscribers to Liquid can save up to £48 a year! Start paying annually and we’ll throw in an extra month, absolutely free. That added to the 30-day free trial gives you 2 months without paying a single penny and a total of £480 incl. VAT, in your pocket!

No Missed Payments 

Missed payments and invoices can cause havoc with your bookkeeping. It sometimes can be tricky to find out who owes what and whether you have paid any outstanding payments or not. With a lump sum annual fee – this eradicates any problems and saves you time to take care of the more important things. 

If you would like to discuss alternative payment options, please contact us

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Email: sales@liquidaccounts.net

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