Starting up an e-commerce business may eliminate the need for a physical presence, but it doesn’t remove the requirement to file accounts correctly.

The process can be simple if you have access to software features that specifically help e-commerce businesses. Here, we explore seven ways you can make managing your accounts much easier.

1. Simplify managing multiple currency

The only downside to selling all over the world is keeping up with changing currency rates. Liquid Accounts allows you to integrate and raise transactions in multiple currencies easily.

Our tools manage the currency rates – whether you want to enter them manually, or have them automatically updated with the European Central Bank (ECB).

2. Allow for automation

Currency isn’t the only aspect that our systems update in real time. It makes for simple reconciliations with automated banks feeds, and enables systematic VAT submissions as well.

With a number of other administration tasks taken off your hands by Liquid, from data entry to payroll, you’ll be able to focus on boosting e-commerce sales instead.

3. Make it CRM-compatible

If your CRM is linked with your accounts, you can place full attention on driving sales. We ensure you can download and update customer details with ease via our Capsule CRM connection.

We’re also perfectly compatible with ZigZag. Whichever platform you choose to use, Liquid enables you to provide the best – and simplest – customer journey with our integration abilities.

4. Enable e-commerce integration

The best type of integration you can have is tools that connect with e-commerce platforms. Liquid Accounts links up to Shopify, Magento, PayPal and eBay.

You will no longer need to enter data multiple times. Plus, your orders are pulled through instantly via the connection, which minimises the chance of mistakes and customer dissatisfaction.

5. Go green

Customer satisfaction levels could also be affected by outdated accounting processes. As an e-commerce business, using paper can increase the likelihood of errors, make your business seem inefficient, and confuse clients.

So choose to make your accounts entirely paperless, and guarantee that any systems you pick allow for this.

6. Adapt to your specific accounts

Handling your accounts will be easier if the available software features match your needs. Having an endless list of unsuitable functionalities isn’t helpful – you don’t want to have to change how you do things.

Instead, Liquid accommodates to your processes. This includes when there are changes in your business – our platform can scale up as you grow or down as your needs develop.

7. Select an all-in-one solution

Ideally, all these functionalities will be available in one sole suite. Liquid offer every single feature in our platform, along with plenty of optional extras that will prove valuable to your e-commerce business.

We’re forward-thinking with your accounts too. When changes come in like Making Tax Digital for VAT, we have a solution ahead of its roll-out date.

Liquid is the software you can rely on to future-proof your business. Get in touch with our team today, and start building your online empire.

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