Numerous businesses are benefitting from switching their traditional accounting processes to the cloud. But the shift is sometimes far from seamless.

There is a way to avoid the challenges that arise when transferring over to cloud accounting. Here, we explore how you can move to this modern form successfully.

Plan in advance

If there’s no organisation around the switch, then problems are almost guaranteed. So, make sure that every step has been taken care of before the transfer date. Consider the stakeholders who will need to know about the move – from clients to staff. Think about whether cloud accounting will be used across all processes, or if there are some which will use alternative methods.

Make sure that everyone is aware what these alternative methods are and what they will be used for, otherwise you’ll risk repeating the workload. In turn, this will reduce how efficient the business is, making your processes appear disjointed and potentially causing communication issues. This may then lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Guarantee usability

Customer unhappiness could also be caused by you or any staff not being able to use the cloud accounting tools correctly. This is particularly a risk if you’re an accountant – you can’t expect clients to understand how to use the software if you have trouble with it yourself.

Therefore, ensure you employ straightforward tools. Don’t just select any provider – conduct some research and see who can actually meet your needs. For example, it may be that the cloud accounting software is low cost, but the company behind it don’t provide any support. It’s also a good idea to sample the software – many offer a free trial so you can test the usability before you buy.

Ensure full integration

Even the most easy-to-use software will prove impractical if it isn’t compatible with other tools. This will result in tasks taking more time if you need to enter data in multiple places, in turn increasing the chances of mistakes.

Additionally, with certain accounting processes (like Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT) requiring a completely digital path, integration is actually essential. Thankfully there is a fully compatible solution available for not only MTD for VAT, but your other accounting processes too: Liquid Accounts.

Take advantage of Liquid’s easy integration

For your VAT, our tools allow you to link up to any accounting software of your choosing. On top of this, it provides one-time-only data entry, removing the time-consuming bother of repeatedly inputting details.

Other parts of your accounting that Liquid is compatible with include your banking. Our Bank Mapping Tool connects to your bank so that data is reconciled. We even integrate with e-commerce tools too, for example Shopify, Magento, PayPal and eBay.

With our multiple business system integration, you can plug in any custom-developed application programming interface (API) without issue.

To make your cloud accounting switch a success, get in touch with Liquid today, and benefit from the easy integration. Give our team a call on 0161 413 5050 or email info@liquidaccounts.com.

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